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The last, or one of the last, Flashes from the Faggot Federation actually was quite good, as was the last of the Kitty Krews. I don't really hate either, I liked them both, they were both funny, personally I miss the Kitty Krew. Anyway the animation was really nice, it seemed like you guys put alot of effort into it.


Yeah, it was okay. Not really funny though. Also, it really had little to do with the game... You should have had some jokes about stuff in the game, I dunno. Also, the battle was buggy, after I beat the snake it just froze, I had to forward it a few times.


It was cool, and funny. It was a bit short... Too bad though, you say you lost part 2 because of a virus? That sucks, I guess we won't be seeing it for a while. Anyway, I enjoyed it.

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It's not a bad concept at all. I just think it could have been executed a bit better. I think that there are too many colors to cycle through, and in a bind, you would never make it out. It's not a bad idea though, and it's a good start. I do understand that was the deadline, but if you put more than 5 days into this, it could be much better .

thePalindrome responds:

Yeah, the large amount of colors combined with the fact that you need the contrasting colors to defeat enemies is really the biggest reason why people didn't like it. Thanks, I'm hoping to improve this greatly because this is my first game out in the wild, so I'd like to make it good. Hopefully, if this does well enough, I'll put it on Kongregate!

Hilarious. Only complaint was on the world map the killing is too slow. The 3D effect is cool by the way. Gameplay is funny and has variety. The plot only adds on more. Probably one of my favorite trolls on Newgrounds.

Way too short, and not that great. Looks ok though. Not really scary. Still funny though.

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Love it

I really like this song... the icey, wintery theme is great. The only thing I don't like, is when it gets faster... because then it may not fit very well in a Flash, because of the change of pace. But it's still a great ambient piece.


I like it, very fitting for a boss theme. It's fast and it sounds pretty cool.

Herdunculus responds:

oooo thanks so much. My favorite is the piano part! Thanks again!


Love this song, it's as good if not better than some of your newer songs, in my opinion of course. I'm definitely using this in my upcoming Flash game, it goes really well with it, and I love the tune. Nice job on this one!

SolusLunes responds:

It's a lot smoother than my newer stuff- it's really just a different design focus. :D

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Looks really cool. Simple, but cool. I used to use this program all the time, loved it.

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